We are established in Taichung City with the
name “Lion Hower Company Limited”, dealing with
the sale of free cutting steel bars, bright bar, and steel and iron wire.

Moved to No.33, 24th Rd. Taichung Industrial Park for expanding operations. At this time,
our business focused on the sales of materials for bright steel bars and free cutting steel bars.

Due to the rapidly growth of industry of Taiwan, the market demand of the bright bar materials dramatically increased. We considered our past 8 years experience of sale then decided to devote to manufacturing. We purchased the first Japanese combined steel bar  drawing machines and changed the name of the company to “Lion Hower Industrial Company Limited.” Then, we built the second production line in 1987.

We established the second manufacturing plant on the 18th Rd. in the Taichung Industrial Park and built the third production line in the following year.

We stablished “Lion Hower Metal (Zhuhai) Company Limited” in Zhuhai City of China. This time, we expanded our operation to China.

To satisfy the demand of the market, we decided to expand our business and established Lugang Plant at No. 8, Industrial West 6th Rd. of Jhangbin Industrial Park in Changhua.

In Lugang branch(2) presently, there are 3 sets of German combined drawing machines,
3 sets of Japanese combined drawing machines, 5 sets of automatic chamfering machines, 1 set of vertica type wire drawing machine, 1 set of automatic hydraulic sawing machine, and 1 set of surface grinder.

In Zhuhai branch(2) currently, there are 5 sets of Japanese combined drawing machines,
1 set of tow roller straighting machine, 4 sets of automatic chamfering machines, 1 set of
surface grinder, 1 set of vertica type wire drawing machine.

Headquarters :No,33 , 24 th Rd, Taichung Industrial Park

TEL:+886-4-24638866 FAX:+886-4-24638806

Lugang :No. 8 , Industrial West 6th Rd , ChanghuaCostal Industrial
Park , Lugang Township ,Changhua County .


Zhuhai:Jinding Jinzhou Road , Tangjiawan Town ,Zhuhai City ,
Guangdong Province

TEL : +86-756-3383927 / 86-756-3384076-7
FAX : +86-756-3383937